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More TV

A couple of other shows we’ve finished watching:

Agent Carter

Agent Carter





More phone viewing

I really do watch too much tv…

Here are a couple from the classic ‘Twin Peaks’ :

Twin Peaks 2 comp

Twin Peaks comp

A recent show set back in the 1960s – ‘11.22.63‘. Here we see the phone box seconds before it gets demolished in a car crash…

20160515_210725 comp

20160515_210756 comp

And yet another from ‘Person of Interest’ . This show has been great in presenting new ways to use the phone. This one gets bricked up behind a wall and still manages to work years later…

Person of interest comp










Mojave Phone Booth


I listen to a podcast called ‘99% Invisible’. It’s an American series I have been onto for a couple of years – although I only listen in spasmodically.  Podcast no. 202 is title ‘Mojave Phone Booth’ . Cool.

It has led me to a movie I didn’t know about ‘Mojave Phone Booth’ (2006) and the Wikipedia page on the artefact itself – you guessed it, a phone box in the Mojave desert.

This goes a long way to proving that I am not alone in my fascination for phone boxes.


Fargo 2

The second Fargo TV series (wonderful) showed us a few phone shots and one box in particular got a lot of use:

Fargo again (1)

Fargo again (2)

Fargo again (3)

Fargo S2 2

Recent viewing

I don’t actually know this programme but couldn’t ignore the ad, for obvious reasons;

Better call saul

This shot is from the penultimate episode of ‘Humans‘:

Humans penultimate episode

From the recent adaptation of  Jekyl and Hyde:

Jeykll and Hyde

The iconic red box even turns up on a US highway in ‘Austin Powers: the spy who shagged me’.

Austin Powers 2

Man in the High Castle again

Finally the second episode of this fabulous programme has appeared on my Amazon watchlist. In an earlier blog I posted a shot of a bubble covered phone but in this scene it’s something more traditional:

Man in the High Castle 2 comp

Holiday viewing

We finished off the 2nd series of Extant on holiday in Cyprus. There was a scene with a decrepit phone box that was part of a high tech security system:

Extant - security (1) comp

Extant - security (2) comp4

Post-apocalyptic phone box

Even after the zombie hoards have taken over the phone box continues to be relevant – as seen in this episode of Z Nation

Z nation


Nightime viewing

Here  I like the use of the phone to reflect the woman making the call

New TV show set in older times

Aquarius (2016)

Aquarius (2016)

Agent Carter

Agent Carter (2015)

The same phone being dusted for fingerprints later in the show

The same phone being dusted for fingerprints later in the show