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Recent trip to Brisbane

Watching the Box

Three Identical Strangers

Naked interior


I also recently took a trip home to Brisbane for the first time since the pandemic. I’m sure Australia is well represented already on the blog but there’s always room for more. The Heathrow box was actually an advertising screen.

TV moments

Australian contributions

Thanks to Kevin for allowing me to post this night time shot of a phonebox. I think this is Lakeland, Queensland.

With this contribution from Gavin, from the Story Bridge (I think) in Brisbane.

More of the same

Yes more phone boxes on tv. This first one is America’s Game…The Wheel of Fortune. We’ve just started watching this and there was no explanation of the set. I’m not sure if it’s a regular thing but on this episode they appear to being trying to set an English scene. There is naturally a phone box but what’s this about the word ‘Metro’ being imposed on an Underground logo? A little reserach on the topic wouldn’t go amiss 🙂

Blast from my past

A friend posted on FB a few photos from Brisbane, Australia, from the late 1980s / early 1990s. I was surprised to see a pose with a local phone box. I don’t know the women but they certainly present a good vision of the fashion I was into at the time. I hope they had a good night out.

Screenshots: Lockdown viewing

(good Aussie comedy/drama, making me a little homesick)

More TV

More Australian TV with ‘Glitch’

Future Man