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Phone box humour from the Far Side


I’ve been out and about and went to a couple of arts events. One in my home town of Gravesend and the other in London – ‘Accidently Wes Anderson’ in South Kensington

FB posts

Here are few more themed Facebook posts:

Why not?

(from an unsolicited FB post)

I wonder what people think when they see me taking photos of phone boxes. I heard an American woman once say ‘Maybe they don’t have them where they’re from’ (or something to that effect).

Fight scene

‘The Continental’, set in the John Wick universe, has a great fight scene in a phone box. Enjoy.

My Portuguese textbook

“Passaporte para Portugues”

Mind palace

We’re currently watching The Undeclared War. The main character enters a mind palace when working on IT problems and the writers chose to use an iconic phone box in one representstion of this idea. Nice.

More entertainment

A scene from the recent production of Guys and Dolls at the Bridge Theatre, London. Here is Daniel Mays as Nathan Detroit.

Archive find

Graveyard of phones boxes

From an article in the Guardian titled Trapped in time? This photo is by Ian Howorth.