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Apocalyptic scene

Here is a scene from ‘The day after tomorrow‘ (2004) with a phone in the New York Library being in use to its very end…

Day after tomorrow

Bletchley Park

We took a visit to Bletchley Park over the weekend. Can highly recommend it. Here in a corner by the Mansion I found a phone…


Bletchley Park

Marriage proposal

blog comp

The Evening Standard (15 June 2015, p.3) reports of US tourist Stephen Jensen proposing to his girlfriend Megan Shuldes in from of Big Ben (I had just visited Big Ben with family). But for our purposes it was in front of a classic red, telephone box.

Bad movie

Just watched (well sort of) ‘As above , so below’- very bad movie with far too much screaming and no real plot. There was one thing of interest – a phone in the Parisian catacombs (apologies for the poor photo).

As above so below comp

More tv

Fish Mooney, Gotham

Fish Mooney, Gotham

And this one, when a favourite character of mine lies dying while the phone rings in the foreground…

Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Old funny

Father Ted (S1, E1)

Father Ted (S1, E1)

Classic film

I am happy to add one of the most iconic films of all time to my blog. I hadn’t realised there was a phone box in the games room of the Overlook Hotel.

The Shining

The Shining

False history

So this phone box never existed but in another reality (thanks to Phillip K. Dick and ‘The Man in the High Castle’)…

Man in the High Castle (2) comp

The Man in the High Castle (Episode 1)

New uses for a phone box

I like the creativity that phone boxes can bring out in scriptwriters.

In Person of Interest (Season 3 Episode 1) we find a new use for the phone box – ring a specific number and the back panels opens to become the door to a dodgy strip joint, frequented by sailors and cops…

Person of Interest comp

Then in Episode 5 a phone box is being used to stash some cassettes…

Person of Interest (2) comp Person of Interest (1) comp


We took a trip to Battle today (think Norman Conquest 1066AD) and came across a phone box tucked into history:

UK, Battle Abbey