Recent trip to Brisbane

Watching the Box

Three Identical Strangers

Phone box humour from the Far Side


I’ve been out and about and went to a couple of arts events. One in my home town of Gravesend and the other in London – ‘Accidently Wes Anderson’ in South Kensington


Christmas was spent on Sao Miguel, Azores and then the return home included a couple of says in Lisbon.

FB posts

Here are few more themed Facebook posts:

Cat in a box

Unsolicited (but on this occasion welcome) FB post

At home entertainment

Started watching Daisy May Cooper in ‘Rain Dogs’ (love her). First episode has a great phone box experience (although there isn’t currently a phone box in that spot in Picadilly Circus).

A few more television images


For the last couple of years, on the Tube going to work, I have passed a groovy phone cover at Hyde Park Corner. I kept telling myself I’d get off one day and take a photo but as I was on my way to work I never got round to it. Last month I thought – I’d better take a photo from my seat when we stop. I did. Then only two weeks later I noticed it was gone! Honestly, the cover must have been there for decades and then within a couple for weeks of me taking a photo, gone! Synchronicity at work. If I’d left it any longer I’d have missed my chance. Maybe this is the only photo of the phone cover at the end of the platform on the Piccadilly Line going west at Hyde Park Corner.

Found in the archives

I came across an exciting find in the archives recently – a tv script from June 1992 entitled ‘BT Payphones’. Written by Crystal Images, likely for the tv show Tomorrow’s World, it includes scenes extolling the virtues of the payphone and selling it’s latest development, such as multiple payment methods. It seems that by the early 1990s our favourite red box was already seeen as ‘quaint and traditional – a unique symbol of Britain’s heritage’.

Here are a couple of screen shots: