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Here are few more themed Facebook posts:

Music box

I was listening to Radio 6 this morning and came half way into an interview with Pete Paphides. They were talking about his new book “Broken Greek”. What caught my ear was him talking about how, when he was young (I gather the ’70s as ABBA was mentioned) he would get money from his Mum to go to the phone box outside the fish and chip shop and listen to music. There was a 3 digit number you could ring that would play a different pop song every day. How fabulous.

Telephone songs

Click here for telephone song recommendations.

Ahoy–hoy and welcome to Readers’ Recommend, where this week we’d like to hear your nominations for songs about telephones – and, ideally, songs that take place on the telephone, where the lyrics describe a phone conversation, or a message left on an answerphone, or … you get the idea. Phones.

Elvis’s memory lives on

Elvis Cafe, Jerusalem

Elvis Cafe, Jerusalem

Matthew and I went to Israel on a short tour before last Christmas.  The cafe was the last stop before heading home.  It’s a diner full of Elvis memorabilia.