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Remember where it started

I visited the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London recently and was reminded of why this blog exists in the first place:

The Dining Room & Library: On the pier against the west wall is placed a model of the tomb built for Mrs Soane in the burial ground of St Giles in the Fields (now St Pancras Gardens) after her death in 1815. The tomb was the inspiration for the iconic red telephone box designed in the 1920s.


Source:  2013. Sir John Soane’s Museum: a short guide.  Sir John Soane’s Museum: London, p 4.

This is a wonderful museum and I can’t believe I have lived in London for almost 20 years and never visited before!

More on tv…


This was a recent episode from ‘Arrow’ set in the USA. So why is there a classic UK red phone box in the background?


From ‘The Code’ season 2. A classic shot of the Queensland landscape…


and a classic movie –  ‘The Apartment’.

Still very relevant

BT may be removing phone boxes in some parts of the UK but they are installing new ones in others parts. Today, in Bloomsbury, central London,  I walked past a very new building belonging to the University of London. It looks like fancy student accommodation. The foyer is bright and shiny and in the centre, standing proud, is a gleaming red phone box:


Phone closures

This appeared in the ‘i’ newspaper yesterday (11 October 2016). Sign of the times:


Which leads nicely onto this:


Mojave Phone Booth


I listen to a podcast called ‘99% Invisible’. It’s an American series I have been onto for a couple of years – although I only listen in spasmodically.  Podcast no. 202 is title ‘Mojave Phone Booth’ . Cool.

It has led me to a movie I didn’t know about ‘Mojave Phone Booth’ (2006) and the Wikipedia page on the artefact itself – you guessed it, a phone box in the Mojave desert.

This goes a long way to proving that I am not alone in my fascination for phone boxes.


South Kensington, London

I’ve wondered for a while why disused phone boxes weren’t being used as ATMs. I wonder no longer. I just came back from South Kensington in London and saw my first in what I think will be a continuing trend. Note that although one side has become an ATM, another side remains a phone.

UK, London South Kensington (2) comp

UK, London South Kensington (1) comp

Classic film

I am happy to add one of the most iconic films of all time to my blog. I hadn’t realised there was a phone box in the games room of the Overlook Hotel.

The Shining

The Shining

False history

So this phone box never existed but in another reality (thanks to Phillip K. Dick and ‘The Man in the High Castle’)…

Man in the High Castle (2) comp

The Man in the High Castle (Episode 1)

New uses for a phone box

I like the creativity that phone boxes can bring out in scriptwriters.

In Person of Interest (Season 3 Episode 1) we find a new use for the phone box – ring a specific number and the back panels opens to become the door to a dodgy strip joint, frequented by sailors and cops…

Person of Interest comp

Then in Episode 5 a phone box is being used to stash some cassettes…

Person of Interest (2) comp Person of Interest (1) comp

Iconic London

This shot was used to set the scene in London, in an episode of ‘Bones’ from season 4:

Bones season 4