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Goose tribute

Local phone box is a place to lay tribute to a much loved village goose.


Photo supplied by SWNS.

Villagers have been left devastated after a goose which had been a much loved part of their community for over a decade was shot dead.

Residents were outraged after learning their feathered friend had been killed in a “spineless” attack, shot close to his left eye with what is thought to have been an air rifle, just yards from the pond where it hatched 11 years ago.”

(Full story on the Telegraph website)

Merry Christmas Everyone

Xmas 2015 comp

Phone for fish

aquarium phone box comp

A Mayfair phone box will be transformed into a glowing aquarium and trees will be hung with lights when the Lumiere festival come to Lndon next month.  Neon balloon dogs will set up home in the Strand, while angel-like figures, by Cedric Le Borgne, will appear around St James. The French artist is one of more than 20 who will use light shows and special effects to brighten up streets from Kings Cross to the West End from January 14 to 17. Curator Helen Marriage said:

“Lumiere London is a free event, accessible to all.”

Mexico City public toilets

Another guy that takes photos of urinals…

Using public toilets all over Mexico City completely changed the way I viewed it



More library phone boxes please

phoneboxlibrary comp

From yesterday’s (11/11/2015) ‘i’ newspaper.

Marriage proposal

blog comp

The Evening Standard (15 June 2015, p.3) reports of US tourist Stephen Jensen proposing to his girlfriend Megan Shuldes in from of Big Ben (I had just visited Big Ben with family). But for our purposes it was in front of a classic red, telephone box.

Phone box library

As a former librarian I warm to this story.

Phone box library closure threat angers residents

Book lovers who turned a red phone box into a makeshift library are angry after BT threatened to shut it down due to health and safety fears…

Fairy phone box

A photo taken at Swan Park, Buncrana, County Donegal, Eire (courtesy of Fortean Times, Christmas 2014, p.69):


Coming out of the phone booth: phone box references in modern subculture

There is an article in the latest ‘Fortean Times’ (Krulos, T. 2014. Heroes in the night. In: Fortean Times, Vol. 314 May 2014, pp.28-35) which discusses the modern phenomenon of Real Life Superheroes (people who dress in the style of a superhero and roam the streets looking to fight crime). What amused me was the coining of the term ‘coming out of the phone booth’ – used to refer to the time when you reveal your lifestyle to your friends and family.

Phone box calendar

Celebration of Welsh phone boxes fails to sell a single copy

Publishers of Fast Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales 2014 have admitted they might have misjudged their target market after failing to shift a single unit of the niche calendar since it hit shops in September….

I would by a copy but can’t find a link to it anywhere!