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New York City, USA

In New York we went to the Intrepid Museum which has a submarine on site. There are loads of phones scattered throughout the sub and they had an example of a sonar phone. So not phone boxes as such but still…

Sonar phone

Sonar phone

Growler sub

Growler sub

Growler sub

Growler sub

Other NYC phones:

Frick Collection house phone

Frick Collection house phone

New York street

New York street


Quebec City, Canada


Old City

On the road

On the road

Montreal, Canada

We took a holiday in Canada/USA last month and I have a few photos to post:

Montreal airport

Montreal airport


Montreal airport


Shopping centre

Port of Montreal sculpture

Port of Montreal sculpture

Port of Montreal

Port of Montreal

Angel Islington, London, wander

We took a walk around Angel yesterday. It’s been a while and good to see some things hadn’t changed. I have two phone box photos to share – a classic autumn scene and a wine cabinet specially crafted..

20161023_170735-comp 20161023_165728-comp

Banksy likes a phone box

Banksy likes a phone box – and so, it seems, does someone else…

Source: 'i' newspaper, 23/8/2016

Source: ‘i’ newspaper, 23/8/2016

Uplifting story about a phone box

Woman left in phone box as a baby is reunited with the man who found her

Kiran outside the phone box in Forest Gate, where she was found. Credit: SWNS

Kiran outside the phone box in Forest Gate, where she was found. Credit: SWNS

A woman abandoned in a phone box as a baby has been reunited with the man who found her. Kiran Sheikh was just two hours old when her mother dumped her in the middle of the night on April 30, 1994.

Her rescuer Joe Campbell said at first he thought the baby – who he named April – was an empty chip wrapper as he approached the phone box.  He told Good Morning Britain:

“When I saw it was a little baby I called 999 and the police came and the ambulance came and that’s when I found out she was just about two hours old.”

Joe said he felt an “instant connection” with the baby and even asked if he could adopt her, but was told it wasn’t possible as he wasn’t married at the time.

“I asked if I could keep in contact, I was told no, that’s not possible. I asked if I could find out how she was doing, and I was told no, that’s not possible.”

In the end Joe had to cut all contact with Kiran but said he never gave up hope of finding her one day. Kiran went searching for him after discovering who he was in her adoption file.

“He had done so much for me. It said in my file he gave me presents, he sent me cards and I never received anything, but he did. I needed to thank him somehow,” she said. And it wasn’t long before they were reunited.

Joe said: “It was one of the happiest days of my life because I never stopped looking for her. I was always hopeful that someday, somehow I would find her before I finally part this world.”

After the emotional reunion, the pair said it was like finding a family member.

“She is my family. I told her you’ve got siblings. Ok, we’re not blood related but it’s like we are,” Joe said.

For the full story with images – go to the ITV News website.

Rome…if you want to

Heard the B52’s song the other day and then we were off to Rome and I keep humming the tune.

Nothing new on the phone box scene but here’s a block all the same:

Rome, phone comp

Phone for fish

aquarium phone box comp

A Mayfair phone box will be transformed into a glowing aquarium and trees will be hung with lights when the Lumiere festival come to Lndon next month.  Neon balloon dogs will set up home in the Strand, while angel-like figures, by Cedric Le Borgne, will appear around St James. The French artist is one of more than 20 who will use light shows and special effects to brighten up streets from Kings Cross to the West End from January 14 to 17. Curator Helen Marriage said:

“Lumiere London is a free event, accessible to all.”

Mexico City public toilets

Another guy that takes photos of urinals…

Using public toilets all over Mexico City completely changed the way I viewed it



Series end

Have been watching ‘Relic Hunter’ and in the last episode we have this:

Relic Hunter final episode comp

And I am finishing off ‘Farscape’ (not sure why I’m bothered but I’ve got this far so thought I should keep at it). This is from an episode in the third series:

Farscape S3