QI conversation

Phoneboxes featured on a QI episode a little while ago:

Somewhere to visit sometime…

Gravesend pier

Thanks to a reader who sent in the link below. Look to the older photograph that shows a phone box in a convenient spot by the Gravesend pier:


Christmas TV

Oxford day trip

A 70s blast

I recognise the two shots above. I walk past this building (the Institute of Education) on my way to the British Museum once a week. There is coffee shop on the ground floor. There is no phone box in that spot in the real world. The building is a great piece of Brutalist architecture. The outer staircase, used in the Little Drummer Girl’w final episode, is my favourite aspect.

Back to the Future

Camden Markets

Tin Star

I love this shot from Tin Star. There was no real need in the story line for this scene but the producers put it in anyway. Local art and phone boxes create powerful images.



We spent a weekend in Athens recently, where phones are plentiful.

My favourite phone shot of the weekend, taken in the courtyard of the Byzantine and Christian Museum: